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Baroque Pearl White-Cream Coin 13x5mm Bead (1 strand)

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Item Details

Side-drilled hole size .80mm. Approximately 32 beads in 16" strand.

These large white-cream pearls feature a roughly flat, round coin shape and blue-green-purple iridescence. They work beautifully as accents in strung or wirework jewelry, or knotted into a necklace or bracelet on their own.

Many modern baroque or 'fancy' pearls owe their shapes to nucleation: bits of nacre-producing mantle tissue and/or a shaped foundation bead are inserted into certain types of shellfish, and over time layers of iridescent nacre shell coat the foreign tissue to create a pearl. The natural pearl-forming process has added interesting, uneven shapes and textures to the original outline, which are part of the charm of baroque pearls.

Most stones sells (in chains, charms, connectors, drops or other products) are enhanced with globally acceptable standard treatments. Stones are commonly enhanced to improve their color, clarity and durability. Some of the most common enhancements are irradiation, heat treatment, vapor deposition, dyeing, filling and impregnation.
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Weight (per Strand)
35.2 G
Country of Origin
Coin Baroque Pearls Flat Round White Cream Freshwater Fancy

Reviews & Ratings

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Very lovely coin pearls, good cream color, more than 95% of the pearls are usable (often vendors supply strands like this with many pearls that are misshapen, drilled off-center, etc. Not in this case!)

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