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Box Chain 14Kt Gold Filled 1mm 22" W/ Spring Ring (1 pc.)

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  • Metal: 14K Gold Filled - Yellow
  • Clasp Style: Spring Ring
  • Length: 22 Inch long
  • Chain Style: Box
  • Compatible Jump Ring: 27 Gauge
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Special Price $14.69
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Item Details

Box chain offers geometric simplicity, luxurious weight, a sleek and uniform appearance, and unobtrusive support when the focus is on pendants, charms, and multiple link or bead stations. This chain is made from round 14Kt yellow gold filled wire rolled flat, and then folded into square or rectangle-shaped links just slightly larger than the flat link's width. In larger, more elaborate varieties, the links can be stamped with designs or made of openwork filigree.

This delicate 1mm ready-to-wear 22" box chain comes with a 5.5mm spring ring clasp and two closed jump rings permanently soldered to the chain with fold-over crimps. It's a subtle but upscale showcase for your lightweight artisan-made pendants or multi strand jewelry.

Note: fine chain can be fragile, so treat it with care to help avoid crushing or breakage. Charms shown are for illustration purposes only, and do not come with this necklace.

Stamped 1/20 14K GF.
1 PC.
Mfr Sku
Weight (per Pc.)
2.65 G
Country of Origin
1mm Gold Filled Chain Masstige Jewelry YellowBox Square Link 14Kt Fill Venetian Modern Minimal Deco

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