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Coupon Book with $100 In Savings & 20 Additional Coupons (1 pc.)

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Item Details

Get $5 off on your next 20 orders placed in May, June and July. That is $100 OFF.

How to get it? We are offering Coupons Booklet for only $15 with a $5 OFF coupon that can be used 20 times on 20 different orders of $20 or more. That is $100 is savings.

PLUS coupon booklet has 20 additional coupons available exclusively through the booklet.

You can save $100s.

You can buy this booklet until April 30th. Booklet will be included with your order.

You can buy coupon booklet by itself, however website will charge shipping.

All coupons expire (including unused) July 31st 2019.
1 PC.

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Asked by liatula9 on Mar 29, 2019
Is this a digital booklet or a physical one? Do you get $5 off on any order with no minimum purchase?
Answered by Karan on Mar 29, 2019
We generally mail out coupons with the order. If you order just the booklet, we will e-mail it to you. We have three different versions, this one will require $20 purchase to get the $5 off. You can use the coupon up to 20 times to get total saving of $100. We have other one where you get 10% off with no minimum order or order limit. Please search 73H3XM. Help

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