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Granulation Dandelion Charm, Sterling Silver, 25x18.5mm, Oxidized (1 pc.)

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  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Length: 25 mm
  • Width: 18.5 mm
  • Finish: Oxidized
  • Collection: Home and Garden
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Item Details

Sterling Silver Granulation Dandelion Charm 25x18.5x1.5mm.

When spring turns to summer, the cheerful yellow dandelion flower becomes a fluffy white seed-head, and one of the most beloved good-luck charms in folklore. Some legends hold that dandelion seeds blown by human breath can carry wishes and hopes into the future, helping make them come true.

This .926 sterling silver disk charm features a darkly oxidized background, and a polished, granulated design of airy dandelion seeds drifting away in a breeze.

Our dandelion seed charm makes a wonderful gift for Sweet Sixteen Birthdays, bridesmaids, new graduates, job-seekers, and best friends. It's gorgeous alone, gently dangling below a silver chain. Mix it with other botanical charms and gemstone dangles, to make your own floral bouquet statement necklace, earrings, or bracelets.

Height measurement includes 5mm soldered jump ring. Design on front side only; back open for careful stamping or engraving.

Stamped 925.
1 PC.
Mfr Sku
Weight (per Pc.)
1.66 G
Country of Origin
Silver Floral Charm Sterling Seed Autumn Summer Childhood Wish Make A Grdution New Job Firy Tle

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