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ImpressArt 6mm Stamp Light Bulb (1 pc.)

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Item Details

Light up your jewelry and stamping projects with this 6mm-high light bulb stamp!

For over a hundred years the symbol of the electric light bulb has signified inspiration, innovation, celebration, great ideas, perseverance, and the path of scientific progress. New lighting technologies have also made the modern light bulb a symbol of conservation and renewable energy sources.

Our detailed 65x9.5x9.5mm stamp is made from hardened steel, stamped on the sides with symbol for orientation and identification, and is designed to impress with equal ease on soft metals such as silver, copper, brass, bronze, and aluminum. The stamp is plated to reduce rust and wear. In order to better prevent rust, our stamps are lightly coated with oil. Simply wipe down with a dry paper towel or rag before using. Do not store in damp places. is proud to present a wide variety of ImpressArt's custom-designed, high-quality steel letter, number, and symbol stamps.
1 PC.
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ImpressArt Stamps 6mm Stamp SC1510-AB- Light Bulb Bright Idea Genius Inventor Mad Science Innovator Energy Conservation

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