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ImpressArt Ballroom Boogie Uppercase Alphabet 3mm (33 pcs.)

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Item Details is proud to present a wide variety of ImpressArt's custom-designed, high-quality steel letter, number, and symbol stamps.

Just between formal and fun, Ballroom Boogie's calligraphy-inspired 3mm uppercase font has whimsical spiral elements. It's a casual way to customize pendants, charms, etc in softer metals such as brass, copper, nickel, sterling silver, and aluminum. Will also work well on wood, wax, clay, plastic, polymer clay, leather, and other softer substances.

Each set comes in a clear plastic case for easy storage, and offers (26) alphabet stamps, plus (7) ornate flourish or symbol stamps: & symbol, bullseye, spiral heart, spiral flourish, simple heart, spiral, triple spiral. The 63.5x6.2x6.2mm steel stamps are plated to reduce rust and wear, and side-engraved for orientation and identification.

Give your metal projects a custom touch with ImpressArt's letters, numbers, and symbol stamps!

In order to prevent rust, our stamp sets are lightly coated with oil. Simply wipe down with a dry paper towel or rag before using. Do not store in damp areas. (Avoid wiping with anything wet - water will cause stamps to rust.)
1 SET OF 33 PCS.
Mfr Sku
Weight (per Pc.)
855 G
Shipping Weight (per Set)
901 G
Country of Origin
ImpressArt Stamps Ballroom Boogie 3mm Letter Whimsical Uppercase Leather Alphabet Calligraphy Heavy Duty Jewelry DIY Custom Word Stamping

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