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Sterling Silver 3-Gem Moonstone Ring Size 7 (1 pc.)

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Item Details

Treat yourself to the classic styling of this limited edition .925 sterling silver ring.

Three 7x5mm faceted oval faceted white moonstone gemstones rest in an open-backed prong setting across the top of the 3mm wide, 1.3m deep plain silver band. These gemstones are well matched, and show the shimmering blue-to-green iridescence typical of fine moonstone.

US / Canadian ring size: 7
British / Australian ring size: O

Stamped 925.
1 PC.
Mfr Sku
Weight (per Pc.)
4.06 G
Country of Origin
Silver And Moonstone Ring Oval Gemstone Designer S Fahion Mother' Day Valentine' Goth Jewelry Coplay

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Product looks treated, not so natural. Would like to know WHICH type of treatment was used, for care, wear and maintenance purposes.

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Asked by Anonymous on Jul 24, 2017
Are these moonstones natural, or have they been treated and/or coated? Thank you.?
Answered by Karan on Jul 26, 2017
These are natural stones, however they are enhanced with globally acceptable standards. Stones are commonly enhanced to improve their color, clarity and durability. There are many ways stones can be enhanced. Some of the most common enhancements are irradiation, heat treatment, vapor deposition, dyeing, filling and impregnation.

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