Bronze Octopus Tentacle Pendant 36x24mm - 1pc
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Bronze Octopus Tentacle Pendant 36x24mm - 1pc


    No beach jewelry line would be complete without this bronze octopus tentacle pendant. Those who are drawn to the mystery and illusive nature of octopi and squids will find the sculptural tentacles and fine texturing appealing.

    Notice how the suckers on the tentacles gradually become smaller as they curl nearing the tips.  This graduation, the gentle curling, and slender size keeps this octopus tentacle on the elegant side.

    The octopus symbolizes adaptability, creativity, mystery, regeneration, and illusion. She is born into a watery realm. And, like the water itself she is ever changing, shifting, and hypnotically wafting under the push and pull of the moon. To survive she's become a master of camouflage, notoriously fluid, intuitive and regenerative. 

    Length measure includes the 5 mm closed jump ring.