Bronze Skull Pendant with Mushrooms 27x20mm - 1pc
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Bronze Skull Pendant with Mushrooms 27x20mm - 1pc


    Offer this bronze skull pendant with mushrooms to your customers as a reminder that life is fleeting. In this macabre scene two mushrooms sprout inside a human skull, transforming dead matter into fertile soil making way for something new. It is a story of loss, transformation, and hope. Centuries ago beautiful jewelry was created to remind people of their own mortality. Referred to as Memento Mori - meaning "remember you must die" - this jewelry served as a warning to prepare ourselves for whatever other realm awaits us. Only jewelry can convey a harsh reality in such elegant form. 

    Here we offer you a Memento Mori charm you can use to make morbidly elegant jewelry that says live this day as if it's your last.

    Length measurement includes the 5 mm soldered jump ring