Bronze Small Cicada Charm 21x8mm - 1pc
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Bronze Small Cicada Charm 21x8mm - 1pc


    Wear this bronze small cicada charm as a reminder to trust your intincts, your sense of timing, and always to remain hopeful. The longest living insects, cicadas are magical creatures who can lay dormant in the earth for over a decade, biding their time, just waiting for the perfect moment to re-emerge anew. 

    This metamorphosis makes cicadas powerful symbols of transformation. In our lives a time will come when we feel ready to change, to "shed our skin," and renew our sense of who we are. 

    A cicada charm necklace makes a great gift for anyone going through turbulent times of change and growth, like becoming parents, graduating from school, or going through the loss of a loved one.

    The length measurement includes the 5 mm soldered jump ring.