Clamshell Bead Tip Sterling Silver .45mm-Hole-Size - 20pcs/pack
Clamshell Bead Tip Sterling Silver .45mm-Hole-Size - 20pcs/pack
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Clamshell Bead Tip Sterling Silver .45mm-Hole-Size - 20pcs/pack

    Our single-loop beading tips are crafted in 25ga solid .925 sterling silver, and form a double cup around a central hole, with a flat 1.2mm-wide open loop at one cup edge. This loop will fit most jump ring sizes up to 16ga.

    When you're using silk beading thread or ultra-flexible jewelry wire, consider finishing the ends of your beaded, knotted strands with clamshell bead tips. Also known as Calottes, these findings help hide the knots tying your piece to jump rings or clasps. Simply knot your thread firmly, ease the thread through the central hole, crimp the loop around your jump ring, and fold the cups around the remaining thread and the end of the flat loop.

    Try a pack of our bead tips today, and give your knotted jewelry designs a clean, professional finish!

    Hole size: 0.45mm / 0.017"
    Outer cup diameter: 3.7mm
    Inner cup diameter: 2.8mm
    Loop width: 1.2mm

    Stamped 925.