Sterling Silver 4.5x2.75mm Flat Cable Chain - 20ft
Sterling Silver 4.5x2.75mm Flat Cable Chain - 20ft
  • SKU: 9945-20

Sterling Silver 4.5x2.75mm Flat Cable Chain - 20ft

    This medium weight chain features closed, soldered oval links in 26ga flattened .925 sterling silver wire.

    Sterling or .925 silver has a mellow white shine less harsh than rhodium or platinum, easy working capabilities, and historical and mystical significance. It's a prized metal for artisan and 'bridge' jewelry that crosses the boundaries between fine heirloom/museum pieces and base-metal costume jewelry, and has been at the center of design movements such as Art Nouveau and American Craftsman. Let our sterling silver chains be the foundation for a vast array of jewelry techniques and designs, from wispy single-chain necklaces to multi-strand statement pieces, dangle earrings to body jewelry...and beyond. carries some of the largest selections and best prices of sterling silver chains available. Browse our chain catalog, and see where inspiration takes you! Note: sterling silver chain can be delicate, so treat it with care to help avoid crushing or breakage.