Soft Flex Craft Wire Non-Tarnish Gold-Plated 28 Gauge - 45ft
  • SKU: 3578

Soft Flex Craft Wire Non-Tarnish Gold-Plated 28 Gauge - 45ft

    Diameter: - 0.321mm / Length: - 13.72m
    15 yards / 45 ft.

    This soft copper wire has a rich gold-plated surface, and the super-thin gauge is excellent for tiny wrapped chain links, detailed interweaving, and 'fill' on thicker wire-wrapped projects.

    Soft Flex Craft Wire is a high quality, permanently colored copper wire. It is resistant to scratching, peeling and marring. This is due to the special enameling process used to coat the gold-plated wire. After the enamel is applied, the wire is then clear coated to prevent tarnishing. Soft Flex Craft Wire is 100% lead and nickel free. There are no other metals used in the wire production other than copper and precious metals. An exceptional design idea deserves a professional craft wire!

    Note: Craft Wire colors may be affected when used for mechanical processes such as Viking Knit, or drawn down in gauge size using a draw plate.
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