Sterling Silver 0.62mm Beading Chain - 20ft
Sterling Silver 0.62mm Beading Chain - 20ft
  • SKU: 5338-20

Sterling Silver 0.62mm Beading Chain - 20ft

    • Width: .62 mm
    • Crimp Sizes: 1x1 mm

    Use our sleek, strong metal beading chain for fluid, elegant designs where the beading strand is as visible as the beads themselves.

    Best with metal, gemstone, and pearl beads with hole sizes at least .7mm diameter. Many bead holes can be carefully enlarged with our cordless Bead Reamer (#3632). Our Sterling Silver (#2869) and 14Kt Gold Filled (#2696) 1x1 Crimps can help you achieve popular 'floating' bead looks.

    Tips on beading chain: Some jewelry artists finish these chains by gently enlarging the end links with a sharp needle or scriber, so small jump rings or wires can fit. This works well with very delicate, lightweight pieces.

    For heavier beads and/or single strands of beading chain, we recommend our Sterling Silver (#7506) or 14Kt Gold Filled (#6502) Crimp End Caps with closed soldered jump rings. These have inner diameters of .7mm to .8mm, and can be clamped down on the chain with regular needle-nosed or crimp pliers (a dot of clear epoxy may not hurt, either).

    2x2 or larger crimps can be used in alternating bands to connect two strands of beading wire, for 'netted' effects.

    To anchor beads for 'illusion' necklaces, use our 1x1mm sterling silver crimps.