Sterling Silver 1.5mm Ball Chain - 20ft
Sterling Silver 1.5mm Ball Chain - 20ft
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Sterling Silver 1.5mm Ball Chain - 20ft

    Looking for a sleek, minimal, industrial-style chain for your contemporary jewelry designs? You might find your dream chain in one of our .925 sterling silver ball chains!

    Ball chain is made from spheres of metal joined loosely with connecting bars. Flanges inside the hollow bead lock the bar into place, but let it easily rotate around the join, creating a supple 'beaded' effect.

    This version consists of 1.5mm sterling silver spheres formed into a medium-weight chain. For jewelers without advanced welding equipment, ball chain ends should always be capped with crimped/glued loops for easy, sturdy joins to clasps and other findings.

    Note: silver chain can be fragile, so be careful to avoid stretching or crushing during wear.