Sterling Silver 14 Gauge Half-Hard Round Wire - 1 ozt
  • SKU: 3379

Sterling Silver 14 Gauge Half-Hard Round Wire - 1 ozt

    Our 14ga .925 Sterling Silver wire is one of the thickest wires that we carry at It's great for crafting strong ring shanks for wire wrapping, bracelets, and heavy-duty wire components. 'Half-hard' refers to precious metal or jewelry wire that has slightly hardened in the manufacturing process. This provides extra stiffness and strength in jewelry or craft applications with a lot of potential wear or bending stress.

    There is approximately 4.7 feet per ounce per roll of .925 Sterling Silver 14 gauge .064" (1.63mm) half-hard round wire.

    All wires are approximately 1.00 ozt (Troy Ounce). As coils or spools are made on automatic machine, weight may vary from 0.98 ozt to 1.02 ozt. We try our best to keep weight as close to 1.00 ozt as possible.

    This wire is measured in Troy Ounce (OZT), not Ounce (OZ). For every 1.00 ozt, there is 1.10 oz.