Sterling Silver Comet Charm 23x18mm - 1pc
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Sterling Silver Comet Charm 23x18mm - 1pc


    Channel a sense of wonder when you offer this sterling silver comet charm in your shop. Evoke that feeling of awe when we are lucky enough to witness cosmic events, like comets blazing a trail of dust & ice, or meteor showers, and even falling stars.

    Most celestial bodies travel in regular, predictable intervals, but comets move in an unpredictable, erratic way. That's why comets have been labelled "harbingers of doom," or  "menaces of the universe," and  why cultures throughout time believed comets foretell great floods, unending droughts, apocolyptic catastrophes, and the fall of empires. During the Renaissance, comets were depicted on coins and medals, and carried as good luck amulets to ward off bad lucks from actual comets. 

    Length measure includes the 5mm soldered jump ring.