Sterling Silver Dead-Soft 20 Gauge Round Wire - 1 ozt/pk
  • SKU: 2098

Sterling Silver Dead-Soft 20 Gauge Round Wire - 1 ozt/pk

    • Metal: Sterling Silver
    • Thickness: 20 Gauge
    • Wire Temper: Dead Soft
    • Wire Shape: Round
    • Finish: Shiny
    • Weight: 1 Oz


    'Dead Soft' refers to precious metal or gold-or-silver-plated base metal wire that has not been hardened at all in the manufacturing process. It's the most malleable type of wire, and is often used in designs needing multiple loops, bends, or complicated weaves.

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    There is approximately 19 feet per ounce.

    All wires are approximately 1.00 ozt (Troy Ounce). As coils or spools are made on automatic machine, weight may vary from 0.98 ozt to 1.02 ozt. We try our best to keep weight as close to 1.00 ozt as possible.

    This wire is measured in Troy Ounce (OZT), not Ounce (OZ). For every 1.00 ozt, there is 1.10 oz.