Sterling Silver Jellyfish Charm 26.5x10mm - 1pc
Sterling Silver Jellyfish Charm 26.5x10mm - 1pc
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Sterling Silver Jellyfish Charm 26.5x10mm - 1pc

    Collect one of the ocean's wonders with our high-relief .925 sterling silver jellyfish charm!

    This ancient colonial creature is instantly recognized by its slow movements, dozens of spiraling tentacles, and bulbous or parachute-shaped top. The jellyfish mainly lives in warm seas using the currents and winds for its movement. Though extremely delicate and soft, jellyfish can be deadly encounters due to their stinging, often-poisonous tentacle barbs.

    Using the jellyfish as an example, we can seek the correct fluidity and strength in our own lives: becoming gentle and supple to life's tumultuous currents, yet electrifying and powerful in times of need. Add this beautifully detailed silver charm to any collection, for daily reminders of the loveliness of life.

    Height measurement includes 5mm soldered jump ring. Oxidized design on front side only.

    Stamped 925.