Wire Guards Sterling Silver 0.031
Wire Guards Sterling Silver 0.031
  • SKU: 4261

Wire Guards Sterling Silver 0.031" (.79mm Hole) - 20pcs

    • Metal: Sterling Silver
    • Length: 4.6 mm
    • Width: 4.2 mm
    • Hole Size: 0.79 mm
    • Finish: Shiny
    • Size: 0.031 Inch
    • More Details: Wire Guardian
    Help prevent wear and tear on your beading wires and cords. These .925 sterling silver wire guards work like French wire to protect cord where it curves through clasps and other findings.

    Give your jewelry a professional finishing touch with wire guards: simply thread your cord through the hole at one base of the guard, up along the channel, and down through the other hole. Gently thread the loop assembly into your clasp jump ring, pull out the slack in the cord, anchor with a matching crimp, (and if desired) finish with a crimp cover.

    Our Medium .79mm hole wire guard will fit metal wires up to 20 gauge, and SoftFlex Beading Wires Medium (.019") and Fine (.014").